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PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 3:20 pm 
The so-called robot with admin powers
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Heres a regrouped list.. yeah, got nothing better to do.

WiiU Nintendo ID

Sir Stank a Lot: Jgangsta187
Crashman: CRASHMAN
Snifit: DFdfleming
Bogey: TheGWD
illblamesum1else: keb4588
Blackman!: Karaz0000
TheBatman: HokutoNoRucas
Neon Jackal: SiolforTheJackal
BlackHeart: BlackHeart651


Crashman: RocketRaptor
Necrosaro: Esterk
Blackman: FuggYoFeelins
Sir Stank A Lot: Jgangsta187
BlackHeart: LordZedd651
Bubble Man: basinpup
TheBatman: GoshdarnBatman
Fallout: LusciousBrick
Bogey: The1TheOnlyGWD
Spidey: Deyis8
TGFA: Baltech

3DS friendcode

TheBatman: 4983-4930-7160
Snifit: 2921-9096-2994
Sanctusorium: 1332-7717-8762
Bogey: 1075-0724-4250
Crashman: 3136-6586-4331
Sir Stank A Lot: 5112-3841-9061
Nameless: 1461-6784-1921
Cid_Highwind: 1504-6411-5052
Spidey: 0173-2075-9340
Blackman: 4425-2563-8515
BlackHeart: 4055-4440-9484

Steam ID

Soruja: Soruja
TheBatman: TheGoddamnBatman
BlackHeart: ProtoformX
Cid_Highwind: MalcanAlunzany
S1eepy: Detromaniac
ExPostFacto: AdelheidB
Fallout: BrickMcLargeHuge
Calalbe: rolsch0167
Roo: elroo
gimp: gmip
Stomphoof: Stomphoof
Prophet: dragonspeaker13
Crashman: arcaspiff
StormEagle45: StormEagle45
TheGuyFromAustria: Baltech
Nameless88: Nameless888
Blackman: kungfujoe187
Neon Jackal: KluYa

360 Tag

Prophet: Kbyt3
Blackheart: Kobaltzky
Untitled_250ml: Untitled250ml
Joechicklets: Joe Chicklets
crashman: rocketraptor
Necrosaro: NecDW4
roo: roo81
Soruja: Soruja
Bogey: The1TheOnlyGWD
Fallout: LusciousBrick
TheGuyFromAustria: TGFA
Stomphoof: Stomphoof
Bubble Man: basinpup
Cid Highwind: Link Highwind
UmbralFiend: Umbral Fiend
The Trooper: NuclearMisfit
Blackman: karaz0000
The Batman: LucasTheMighty

Feel free to add everyone in everything or ask to have your name up there if it's not already.


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 4:48 pm 
Angry Sun
Angry Sun
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I think my steam name is wrong, probably better to leave links to the profile pages


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PostPosted: Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:51 am 
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I'm on PSN now too. Updated the list.

Nameless88 wrote:
Next stop, making fun of platypus. It's a trollfari!


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