I've been on a Firefox addon downloading kick lately...
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Author:  BTB [ Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:49 am ]
Post subject:  I've been on a Firefox addon downloading kick lately...

They're just so... AWESOME. Firefox is growing into this enormous beast of a program that is slowly beginning to overtake my entire computer. I fear it may soon reach sentience. My goal is for my copy of Firefox to become the single greatest and most powerful force in the universe and to somehow use it to achieve world domination. That is, of course, if it doesn't kill me first.

Anyways, these are the addons I have downloaded so far:

All-in-One Sidebar

This one is essential. It keeps all of the crap like bookmarks and downloads in a convenient, Opera-like sidebar on the left side of the browser rather than floating around in windows and shit. Fuck that. It's also nice because other extensions that include toolbar buttons get their icons thrown in here, as well.

Colorful Tabs

Useful mainly because I don't use a theme, and I needed something to make the tabs stand out more from the surrounding toolbars to the left and top. It also tends to make tabs stand out from each other unless two of them happen to generate with the same color, which tends to happen a lot if you're using the random setting. I just went ahead and set it to the default palette, which fixes the problem.


Functionally, this is the absolutely most worthless program I have ever installed. It doesn't do anything useful at all and eats up a lot of resources in the process. It just looks so damned AWESOME. I can't wait until an update comes along that makes it able to display local files without bursting into flames in the process. Swedish redhead eyepatch porn ahoy!


Disables the "back" function of the backspace key. Pretty straightforward, really. Nothing pisses me off more than trying to type something online only to realize that I had forgotten to highlight the text field and am now over 9,000 back in my browsing history. Whoever decided that backspace was an appropriate choice to map this command to in the first place needs to be sodomized by a dozen rusty spoons with rickets and then shot in the face.

Domain Details

This is one of the extensions that shows just how much of an internet geek working for Yahoo! turned me into. Being able to access all sorts of information about a site like its IP addy or a WHOIS lookup with just the simple click of a button is hella cool. It also would have made my job a **** of a lot easier if I still worked there. Fuck this, I need a beer.


A nifty little utility that downloads videos from sites like Youtube to your computer. The list of supported sites is about 20 or so domain names long until you check the option that will also include adult websites, at which point it jumps up to over 9,000. So, basically, it's a porn downloader. Swedish redhead eyepatch porn, HO!

Extended Statusbar

One of the few things Opera did right was display detailed information about how far along it was in loading a page, including the number of images loaded versus the total number of images on the page and the average speed at which stuff was coming through. It's especially nice to have when browsing image-heavy message boards that take forever to load because nobody posting on them knows how to resize a Goddamned picture. But like everything else that Opera did better than Firefox, someone came along and made a Firefox extension that kicks ten tons of shit out of anything Opera ever produced.

Fast Dial

If you're like me, you're far too lazy to go to the bookmarks menu every time you open up a new Goddamned tab. That **** takes work and effort. Screw that. That's why Opera came up with the idea for Speed Dial. And just like with the statusbar, someone else came along and made this plugin that is far superior to Opera's version (and its identical variant for Firefox). Fast Dial lets you set the number of rows and columns to display and gives you the option to not display empty cells, so it looks far less ugly than its counterpart. This is what mine looked like after having it for about two minutes:


Replaces Firefox's default "page cannot be displayed" error page with a more stylish one. It's nice to have since it actually thinks to include a back button. It's also nice to have since Firefox's default "page cannot be displayed" error page looks like ass. I'd still choose it over IE's, though. Swedish redhead eyepatch porn, HO!

Find In Numbers

Another simple addon that displays the number of search results found on any page when using the find function. One thing that always pisses me off ctrl+f'ing is that it always takes me a minute to realize when I've started looping through the results, so it's nice to be told up front what I can expect. It's also useful for, say, finding out how many times I've used the phrase "Swedish redhead" in a given thread.

Fire FTP

For anyone who maintains a website, a good FTP program is essential. There's hundreds of them out there, and given their simplistic nature it's pretty hard to design a bad FTP client. Still, dozens of nifty little tweaks like instant URL copy and easy folder navigation make Fire FTP stand out as possibly the best FTP client I've ever used. The convenience of being able to access it directly from my browser is just icing on the cake, really.


By far the most vital and my absolute favorite of the Firefox addons, FireGestures has taken the laborious tasks like typing and clicking that were previously associated with browsing the internet and somehow managed to make them even easier. A simple right click followed by a wiggle of my mouse is all it takes to do nearly any task in Firefox, and I honestly don't think I could ever go back to using the internet like a normal human being ever again. The only problem I see with this plugin is that I will eventually become to lazy to use even it and will then require an extension that will eat and breathe for me. It's a small price to pay, really.


While most folks swear by AdBlock, I've found Flashblock to be a much more preferable alternative. Most ads never annoyed enough to warrant downloading an extension just to nuke them out of existence, and doing so usually leaves ugly gaps in the page layout. The only ones that seriously piss me off are the flash ones with sound or that take forever to load, and both are dealt with this plugin. Rather than nixing flash files altogether, Flashblock simply replaces them with an icon that you can click on to make it load. I love this functionality, since even when I actually want to see whatever is on the page I hate when things like videos load with the page and start playing right away.


Even though it's called "Google" Preview, this addon also works for Yahoo! search results. What it does is add a preview next to every search result on either site, which usually tends to give you a much better idea about the site than just the text alone. Over time, this baby will probably save most people hours of frustrated clicking and swearing.

Link Alert

Changes the mouse cursor when hovering over a link to show what kind of link it is. Will tell you if the link is an image, torrent, .zip file, etc. Will also show the difference between an internal or external link, whether or not the link opens in a new window, or if the link is secure or unsecure. While not absolutely vital to have around, it's a very nice addition to anyone's Firefox. Your mom is also a nice addition to anyone's Firefox.


Of all the automatic "plain text-to-link" converter addons, I prefer Linkification due to its advanced functionality and customization. Turning all of the converted links green helps them to stand out, and clicking on any text link will work regardless of whether or not Linkification has converted it yet. This does raise the question as to exactly what it's actually doing when it's working, but there's a guy at the office I think the same thing about.


Allows you to customize the interface for saving a bookmark. Not one of the more useful addons, but I do like how it actually lets me resize the window to something bigger than subatomic. Apparently, whoever coded that particular portion of Firefox felt that the default size was so appropriate that he or she took away the ability to make it any bigger. I'm sensing a really bad case of penis envy, because nobody in their right minds could have possibly felt the same way.

Organize Status Bar

An addon that allows you to hide and/or move stuff around on the status bar like you can with the toolbars. While not horribly useful with a plain Firefox setup, it becomes increasingly more valuable as you install more and more addons that add massive piles of shit to an already-cluttered status bar (like I do, for example). And since nobody uses just a plain Firefox, this is a great addon to have.

Screen Grab!

A helpful utility that creates a screenshot of a page and saves it to disk. The best feature is that it allows you to save either just the visible area or the entire page as an image. Beats the hell out of copy/pasting in most situations.

Source Viewer Tab

Makes "view page source" command appear in a new tab instead of a window. This one is really nice to have around, since I like to edit my site in Firefox. When combined with FireGestures and Fire FTP, I can make an update to my site on the fly and have it updated to my server in a matter of seconds. God, I love technology.


Basically a password manager for those of us who are too lazy to use the default password memory function of Firefox. Because that actually takes, like, a few clicks. Screw that. There's some advanced functionality of the addon that also allows it to fill out forms and job applications for you or some ****, but I'm too lazy to figure out how to use it. And, like nearly every other Firefox addon in existence, readme/help files for this thing are close to nonexistent. Meh, screw it.

Tab Splitter

Tab Splitter lets you take any open tab and open it in a split screen to the right of the browser, which will act and function as a separate window until you close it out. Mostly useful for reading/comparing several FAQs at once. It's also helpful for copy/pasting the same content to multiple topics on different boards on GameFAQ's (not that I'd ever do such a thing... >.>) My only gripe is that the toolbar in the split window can't be customized, and my FireGestures don't work in the split window. Here's to hoping for an update.


Completely eliminates the "open in new window" function of all links unless otherwise specified in the configuration. Can also be tweaked to eliminate the "popup" function, which seems to function much better than Firefox's default popup blocker does. No word yet on whether or not this is actually causing me to miss any legitimate windows, but I will say that this is quite possibly the most efficient popup blocking software I have ever seen.

Tiny Menu

Since any real Firefox user can carry out any needed task via toolbars, context menus, and mouse wiggles, the actual menu at the top of the window doesn't do much except sit there, look ugly, and take up space. Getting rid of it entirely, however, is just dooming you to need to get to something on it for some reason or another, even though you've never looked at it in years. This addon reduces the whole thing to a compact and nondescript drop-down menu which can then be banished to the far right corner along with the little activity light that looks like a flashing anus. I seriously wish more programs had a similar feature, since I almost never use menus anymore and Firefox looks twenty times neater and slicker with it out of the way.

Total Validator

Another addon that I like because I maintain a website. Every dev worth his or her salt validates their pages; it's just good form. This is also one of the most functional validation services I have ever used, as it even goes as far as to report broken links on the page. Along with, this baby will quickly become any website developer's best friend.

Author:  Napalm Man [ Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I've been on a Firefox addon downloading kick lately...

OH man, there are some total essentials you missed there!

Download Statusbar - This is a must-have, you can get rid of that "Download Manager" window and have downloads appear in a small bar above your main status bar.

Stylish - Stylish lets you install user styles, essentially css scripts, to over-ride various website looks, and you can also use it to edit Firefox's appearance. For instance, I have a Stylish script that combines the stop-reload buttons, remove the edit and help menus, italicize un-viewed tabs, make the https bar yellow when I'm on a secure site, etc. Also, when I use adblock-type stuff, I always find gaps where the ads used to be, I have a style that removes those elements completely, and the page renders correctly (ie, gap-free). This is a must-have for me.

Greasemonkey - Greasemonkey lets you run javascripts all over the place, and it is FANTASTIC. For instance, I have a script to auto-poke-back people on facebook. People think they're in some kind of poke war with me? I don't even realize I'm doing it! There's also much more useful ones, too.

PrintPDF - This lets me print web pages to PDF, which is handy sometimes. I mostly use this with Firefox Portable, since I can't just install PDFCreator on a lab PC.

Aardvark - I love this thing, it lets me remove elements from a page, for when I go to, say, print. Essentially, now any page has a "printer-friendly" option for me, whether the website likes it or not!

Author:  Fallout [ Tue Sep 23, 2008 12:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I've been on a Firefox addon downloading kick lately...

Make a pack so I can download 'em all.

Author:  Snifit [ Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I've been on a Firefox addon downloading kick lately...

This remains the best add-on ever

Author:  Sir Stank a Lot [ Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:44 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I've been on a Firefox addon downloading kick lately...

Wow, that seems like it would get annoying pretty quickly....

...And, it has. Uninstalling that.

Author:  Nameless88 [ Wed Sep 24, 2008 12:46 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I've been on a Firefox addon downloading kick lately...

I never use the stop button, so it'll just be funny every few hours or so when I need to stop a page.

Author:  Morte_The_Skull [ Wed Sep 24, 2008 1:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I've been on a Firefox addon downloading kick lately...

That is my new favorite application ever.

Author:  Blackman! [ Wed Sep 24, 2008 9:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: I've been on a Firefox addon downloading kick lately...

haha I use it too
it also plays the clip when you press escape

Author:  Napalm Man [ Wed Sep 24, 2008 7:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: I've been on a Firefox addon downloading kick lately...

I forgot to add:

BugMeNot - Ever find a website that makes you register to read free content? BugMeNot can provide you with a username/password, so you don't have to screw around registering for a website just to read one article. You just right-click in the username area, hit "bug me not!" and it types in a username/password for you.

And yeah, Stylish + adblock elemnts style + adblock + filterset.g updater = the best web ever. Period.

(BTB seriously you should take a look at Stylish - when you combine it with that linked style and adblock IT'S SO GOOD)

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