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PostPosted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 10:40 pm 
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The Plane of Opposition. A strange place, where a multitude of other lands, worlds, and planes dump into. Over the centuries, this has caused the land of Opposition to be littered with relics of ages past, of civilizations that have tried to survive in the strange and wondrous world that is Opposition. Inhabited by creatures from a multitude of worlds, Opposition is still largely unexplored.

Those who come to the plane generally do so voluntarily these days, as the portals into the world have been mapped and catalogued. However, new worlds are always gaining access to Opposition somehow, which has caused the land to become a veritable melting pot of cultures, peoples, and ideals.

Most who come to Opposition do so generally for one of two reasons: To escape their past and start over, or to hunt for the treasures of previous ages. The city of Intention sits in the very center of the plane, and underneath it lies the Halls. It is there, in the Halls, that people first appear when they come to the plane. From there, its a short ride through the trolley system to the surface, and into the city of Intention proper.

So let me welcome you, traveler, to Opposition. Your destiny awaits. Will you be a hero, lauded for your discoveries and assisting others? Will you be a villain, looking for more power to help further your goals? Or will you be neutral, working for whomever has the most coin and caring not what effects your actions have?

The choices are yours.

The land of Opposition awaits.

So I had another thread about how I was making a Ruleset (I went and locked it and Mods, feel free to delete it) so I am remaking it under its actual name. Furthermore, I am doing an Open Beta.

Here is the Rules PDF. It comes with the rules only (NO FLUFF), as well as some templates you can use and some tokens you can use. Also I included some VERY Basic Character Sheets. The rules are for the most part finished, although I do need to add this:

For Spells: Templates for the SAME SPELL Cannot overlap. IE You cannot have 2 instances of Spike Trap overlapping regardless of who cast them. However, different spells may overlap templates.

The Opposition Open Beta Ruleset Doc v0.8

All I ask is that you test out the rules and give me any and all feedback. Good, back, throw it at me. You can post here, or on my website (

Thanks in advance for helping me test this out :) I am already working on some fast play Tabletop RPG rules using the core "Opposition System". Should be awesome!

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